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Discover Ways to Pay for Your Education

Many students are worried about how they will pay for college. When you enroll at Canada College Vancouver, you can rest assured that your tuition will be affordable. We are truly committed to help students in meeting their tuition expenses. Our Financial Planner can develop a personal financial plan that will assist you with your educational expenses.

We can provide to student assistance to complete an educational budget that is right for you. Our Financial planner prepares a worksheet, which specifies the cost of your program and some possible resources to cover these costs, such as part-time employment, scholarships, family support, student loans and customized payment plans.

Scholarships is may be an option when searching for financial aid. However, it is important for you to look at different options and choose the one that fits you best.

Domestic and International Program Fees

PROGRAM NAMETuitionApplication FeeAssessment FeeTextbooksOtherTOTAL
IELTS Preparation$1,340.00$125.00NA$79.58$120.00$1,664.58
Pre-Intermediate ESL$3,840.00$125.00$50.00$79.58$320.00$4,414.58
Intermediate ESL$3,840.00$125.00$50.00$79.58$320.00$4,414.58
Upper Intermediate ESL$3,840.00$125.00$50.00$79.58$320.00$4,414.58
HOSPITALITY FUNDAMENTALS$6,480.00$250.00N/A$637.56$320.00$7,687.56
ROOMS DIVISION SPECIALIZATION$5,400.00$250.00N/A$543.72$320.00$6,513.72
HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT$11,400.00$250.00N/A$1,430.60$320.00$13,400.60
HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT + COOP$13,600.00$250.00N/A$1,430.60$320.00$15,600.60
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