Learning English is Easy When You Take ESL Courses in Vancouver

Vancouver is a bustling, multicultural metropolis that offers opportunity to anyone, no matter his or her background. Set on the water in beautiful British Columbia, the city has become world renowned for its stunning views, growing tourism industry, and its acceptance of newcomers.

There is no better place to take ESL courses than in Vancouver. With top schools and highly experienced educators, Vancouver has become a go-to destination for anyone who wants to take an ESL course in Canada. The instructors are highly trained, and with so many diverse backgrounds, it is easy to find someone who speaks your language so that they can guide you down the path to learning English.

ESL Course Canada

Why Go to School for ESL?

While English can be acquired simply by practicing with native speakers, it is far easier and more efficient to learn it at school. With a number of available ESL courses in Vancouver, there is no reason to delay – there will certainly be a program that suits your needs and your skill level.

Many programs for ESL require you to first take an IELST, which is also offered at Canadian institutions. Once you have completed this you will easily be able to choose from programs. Most programs are 12 weeks in length and will cover communication basics, reading and writing in English, grammar, and vocabulary. The goal of any ESL course in Canada is to prepare you for the real world, so that you can move forward from your program with the confidence you need.

As many children will be able to take English courses in school, most programs are only available to adults. This means that you will need to have completed grade 12 or been declared a mature student (19 and older). There are assessments, tuition fees, and textbook fees. Of course, it will all be worth it when you start your ESL courses in Vancouver.

Get Your ESL Courses Started in Vancouver

At Canada College Vancouver, we teach top ESL courses in Canada. No matter where you’re from, we know you’ll benefit from our close tutelage and our talented instructors. We are one of the top institutions for learning English in the country; our programs are up to date and always improving, our faculty is outstanding, and our location is central.

As a private, post-secondary college located conveniently in downtown Vancouver, we know we have to offer the best programs in the area, and turn out outstanding graduates. It is our dedication to your education that makes all the difference. When you come to study with us, whether you are taking your first ESL course in Canada or your final one, you will be gaining access to a world of opportunities. Contact our faculty today to learn about our high-quality, real-world education. We have an expert team of advisors who can assist you using the language of your choice, whether it is Mandarin, Spanish, Cantonese, Indonesian, or Korean.

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