The Top Reasons Why Vancouver is the Best Place to Takean IELTS Course

If you have an upcoming IELTS test, or you need to book one in for work, study, or visa reasons, then you may know that the best way to maximize your chances of obtaining a good score is to take an IELTS preparation class. At Canada College Vancouver, we offer a top IELTS course in Vancouver and believe that the city is an amazing environment in which to take this class.

IELTS Course Vancouver

English Speaking

Vancouver is a primarily English-speaking city. When you take an IELTS course in Vancouver at Canada College Vancouver, you will be surrounded by English speakers, from the professional and knowledgeable teachers we employ, to those people that you encounter in day-to-day life. Studying in a city where you can practice the language daily is one of the best ways in which to learn it, which is why we love hosting the IELTS preparation class in Vancouver.

Easy to Get Around

You don’t want to have to spend hours getting to class, when you could be spending that time learning English for your IELTS exam. Canada College Vancouver is located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. This can be accessed by Skytrain, bus, bike, or car or even by walking, if you live close by. It will be a relief for students having such easy access to an IELTS course in Vancouver,as they can spend more time focusing on their upcoming test.

Beautiful Scenery

Another thing about Vancouver is that it is truly a beautiful city. It is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and the beach is only a short distance away. At Canada College Vancouver, you can be at the beach in minutes following your IELTS preparation class in Vancouver. Why not do some homework in the sun with fellow students? You could also head to the mountains to hike or ski on the weekends like a real Vancouverite!

Make Friends

As Vancouver is such an in-demand place to live, you will find international students flocking here. At your IELTS preparation class in Vancouver, you will meet like-minded people from all over the world, who are also hoping to get good marks in IELTS. It is an excellent opportunity to make friends, if you are new to the city, and can act as an incentive to form study groups and practice outside of class.

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