Why Study Hospitality and Tourism in Vancouver?

Want to forge a career in tourism? Did you know that the city of Vancouver in British Columbia is the best place to study tourism? Read on to find out exactly why.

Career Opportunities

Vancouver is a hugely popular tourist destination. It is because of this that there are many career opportunities in the area. Vancouver has tourists all year round, thanks to snow season on the mountains and the beautiful beaches in the summer. It is the perfect destination for the whole family, given the activities that can be done there, the fun nightlife options, and the urban downtown core. If you want a long-lasting career in tourism and hospitality, Vancouver is one of the best places in the world to be!

Great Programs

To excel in tourism and hospitality, you need the right qualifications. Hospitality tourism management courses provide you with this. There are some truly excellent hospitality programs in Vancouver, in some of the province’s top colleges. Hospitality programs in Vancouver will give anybody looking to break into the tourism and hospitality program industry a head start. Hospitality and tourism management courses will allow you to reach the top of your field,by learning management skills and studying everything that there is to know about the city. Having a qualification in your field means that you have studied it carefully and want to apply what you have learned to your career. Having done this in Vancouver means that you have learned from some of the best teachers on this particular subject and are ready to conquer the local hospitality and tourism industry!

World’s Most Livable City

Vancouver has often been touted as the ‘world’s most livable city’. We’ve already learned that people love to visit it as tourists, so is it any surprise that people also want to live here? When you study hospitality programs in Vancouver and hospitality tourism management courses in Vancouver you can live the dream! What better city to study in than one where you can go hiking and scuba diving in the same day? You’ll get to experience all the beautiful natural surroundings, but in the comfort of a world class city where you have all the amenities that you need on your doorstep. Studying in Vancouver is an exciting opportunity and it’s even better when you know that you can stay here and forge a career in the hospitality and tourism industry.

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